Friday, November 13, 2009

15 Signs that You Are Broke

  1. You visit your shoes in the window of the store that you have on layaway.
  2. You finally start figuring out how to plan meals ahead.
  3. You consider robbing a store just because you know the jail will feed you.
  4. You think about what you are spending money on.
  5. You finally clean your house because you are hoping to find change.
  6. Your house looks empty because you are selling all your stuff on Ebay.
  7. You think a lottery ticket is an investment.
  8. You give blood every day just for the orange juice.
  9. McDonald supplies you with all your kitchen condiments.
  10. Getting together with your family is a night out on the town to you. 
  11. You check the phone number coming in before answering it since the only ones calling now are creditors.
  12. Outdoor activities seem so much fun when you used to hate it.
  13. You stop trying to impress other people.
  14. You write one check to Electric company send it to the Mortgage company for extra time to get the money to pay your bills.
  15. You get back in touch with your inner child.
Ok so this was suppose to be funny but when I was writing it.  Suddenly it sounded to real for me.  It sounded like all the people in the world today.  I was talking to Faith's teacher the other day.  She goes to a public school.  She told me that over 53% of the kids are on reduced or free lunches.  It got me to thinking about this list.  What is happening to people nowadays?  We spend and spend and spend.  Now we are all sitting in the same boat with this economy.  There is no such thing as middle class anymore.  You either are rich or you are poor.  Simple and sweet.

Just my thoughts for the day.



Vodka Logic said...

Number 4... wow. I really need to do that. I am doing alright financially but certainly could be smarter with my purchases..thanks for the slap.

Aunt Juicebox said...

I agree with your sentiments here, but it feels a little bit like things are starting to get better, or at least like people have a better attitude about it. There is nothing at all wrong with being frugal, and saving money any way you can, it's just sad that it took a crisis for most people to realize it.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's very sad. I don't see allot of hope of things changing anytime soon. Prayer, we have prayer.

The dB family said...

You're right! This list is funny, but it's not. I could even see myself in some of them and we are NOT broke by any means. Perhaps, some of the things are done to ensure we don't BECOME broke. It's a tough world out there! Makes you reconsider complaining when others have so little.

Thank you for sharing the list and your thoughts!


Menopausal New Mom said...

Very interesting post. I can relate to a few of the signs you are broke, made me think! Thanks for posting!

CountessLaurie said...

I think middle class is when you can't afford to live but make too much for assistance from the government.

A lot of those hit home for me too ...

yonca said...

It is very tough waking up every morning worrying about money.
Thanks for this post!

Amy said...

I liked it....

Unknown said...

When I was in college, caller-ID was my best friend!

Some definately apply to us right now. Debts suck!
And we're running out of ketchup ;)

Thena said...

Some I have actually thought about. Seems like the hole just keeps getting deeper. Not sure if the rich are truly rich just more in debt than us that are poor. said...

This economy is so terrible. I hope things even back out soon.

Unknown said...

i agree with aunt juicebox. our generation has gotten waaaaaay too spend-happy. me included. i've learned my lesson: time to rathole money and save for a rainy day! cuz it's raining!

Andrea said...

I know you meant it to be funny, but as I read it and thought about all those struggling in today's economy it became very sad. I am reminded to pray for all those who are truly suffering.
Blessings, andrea

Frugal Vicki said...

How I wish this wasn't true. I am always painfully aware that hubby and I live paycheck to paycheck, and if that paycheck where to be gone, we would be on the streets. And these days you just never know when that paycheck will be gone. So I always remember.....I may feel like I have nothing, but I do have my family, both right here and extended, and I have my health, and I have the ABILITY to get a job. So much more than many can say.

Liz Mays said...

Some of those do hit close to home!

Corrie Howe said...

Your list is both funny and thoughtful. I think it was a great idea to explore these things.