Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magical Moment for Tuesday


It's time for Magical Moment on Tuesday for HeartsMakeFamilies! For those of you visiting for the first time, the goal is to talk about one thing during the week that was magical to you. I mean that you were over the top about. It could be a project you completed, something your child did, a grand new idea, something you saw, etc. Something that was so magical that you have to tell us about it. I know. I know. This is why we all have blogs. But sometimes we just write about the negative things because we had a bad week. So if we all write about a Magical Moment then we might uplift another blogger. This is the very reason that I have this blog so that one day my children can see. You do not have to be a mom to do this. To join us, on Tuesday post what your Magical Moment was (add my button from the right side bar or link to me) and then be sure to stop here to link up and meet other moms at HeartsMakeFamilies to see what their Magical Moment was.

This week was an absolute twist of emotions.  On Thursday, I was crying about my problems with my sister.  That still hasn't been resolved.  I was thinking about how many things I need to write about my trip like going to the Mosi with my brothers.  I have some good pictures of that.  On Friday, I cooked my favorite Easy Layered Taco Bake which truly is for the non cook.  That's me.  Yes I admit it.  I'm not a great cook.  Oh well life will go on.  We, also, carved pumpkins and attended the school party. 

On Saturday, we went trick or treating up at my sister in laws.  Faith was again the Phat Cat but I changed her face paint from the party.  Jason, if you notice, was not in this picture because he was having a temper tantrum about not getting his chocolate milk.  He couldn't have one since he has a cold.  We don't want congestion.  So he threw a fit.

Now Jason was a skeleton but his face to me looked like a robber.  I am so not crafty.   So Jason is throwing this tantrum about not taking the picture and then he doesn't want to go trick or treating.  Now this is perfectly fine with me.  I'm not going to try and get him to go while he is in this mood.  I figured he could stay behind with his daddy and uncle giving out candy.  But as typical father's who only have the fun time with the kids.  My husband says that I am just too hard on him.  He treats him like a baby and talks him into going.  I know Jason's moods so I was not going to help.  Sure enough, Jason starts coughing and going slower and slower.  Jason doesn't like to walk that much.  Unless it's something he wants.  Since he couldn't eat the candy right now, he didn't want to walk.  He even tries to convince my husband into letting him eat some.  I had to step in and stop that.

You see, Jason is great at cons.  I know that it's not his fault.  He had to learn how to do this so that he could survive.  The thing is... I've spent more time with him than anyone else.  No one else realizes he is so good at it.  My husband included.  So Ken thought that I was being hard on Jason.  Jason keeps coughing.  I start to notice that the attention he is getting from not just my husband.  He was getting attention from all of the people giving out the candy.  The girls.  My sister in law.  He starts getting louder about it.  People started feeling sorry for him.  I knew beyond a doubt that he was conning them all.  So finally my husband told me he was going to go ahead and take him back to give out candy. 

We pretty much ran through the neighborhood after that.  Let me tell you my body hurt the day after.  So I get back to my sister in laws house and Jason is outside giving out candy.  Getting more attention and NOT COUGHING at all.  I quietly giggle to myself.  Yes I thought it was funny.  I know the game.  Anyway there is my husband sitting there looking at me giggling.  He gets up and comes over to me.  My husband literally hugged the stuffing out of me and said, "You are a good mother. You knew it all along didn't you?"  I simply smiled and said, "Yes".  This is a truly Magical Moment for me.  My husband acknowledge that I knew what I was doing by that simple action.  He doesn't talk much about things like that but when he does.  I have to read between the lines.

You see, I was later to find out that once they got back to the house.  Jason coughed probably 3 times according to my husband.  Jason just did not want to walk so he conned them all.  Having a moment where my husband acknowledges that I'm a good mother is so magical that I will always cherish it.

Now it is your turn. Please post about what your Magical Moment was (add my button from the right side bar or link to me) and then be sure to stop here to link up and meet other moms at HeartsMakeFamilies to see what their Magical Moment was.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Your kids look darling!!

CountessLaurie said...

You are much nicer than me. I would have responded to him in a very sarcastic "well, duh!"

Very cute costumes!

Heart2Heart said...


Love those magic words from our hubbies about being great moms. If only they knew just how wonderful they make us feel we may just hear them more often.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

kys said...

They look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Awww - you handled it very well. Your kiddos look adorable. So glad for your magical moment.