Thursday, November 5, 2009

Power Surge -Portrait Innovations

Ok I had a Power Surge today!! I want to share it with you. I got the kids all dressed up today to go get their annual pictures taken at Portrait Innovation. They have this great package every year. I hope that they never change it. Well worth the money so I will share the package with you and then tell you about the power surge I had.

It’s the Holiday Portrait Package which is over 40 portraits which means you get:

One 10 x 13
Two 8 x 10s
Four 5 x 7s
Four 3 x 5s
32 Wallets
and 6 Free Greeting Cards

Now this package is all of one setting. You have to pick which one you want out of all the pictures. There are no sitting fees or charges (other than taxes) for $9.95. So you pick the one setting, and then they try to build on that package with other pictures. It can be very expensive if you don’t watch it. They can even personalize your portrait with a wide selection of special effect. They are ready in minutes and without any sitting fees or charges. It truly is that easy usually.

I have to say over the years that I have been going there. The last four years I believe. They have always been courteous and pleasant to work with. The pictures have been amazing and usually I spend way too much. But this year, I had a budget to stay in which means I only wanted the base package. I explained to this nice photographer that I was only getting the $9.95 package. He said that was fine. I, even, went to the point of explaining that I had already had Christmas cards made.

Picture in Christmas Cards

So he goes about taking all of these pictures. He took over a hundred pictures. He was wonderful with the kids. He was joking around with them. He was doing a great job teasing the kids. I made sure to get the picture that I really wanted to see as well. I wanted a picture of Jason on a 4 because he’s 4 while Faith was on a 7 because she’s 7. They were sitting back to back. We talked about how if they behaved they would get hot chocolate. They did an awesome job while taking pictures.

So we are finished taking pictures and he sits me down in front of the computer to go through the pictures. I’m telling you it is very hard to choose pictures when they are of your kid in your face. Honestly, there is usually where I screw up and spend too much. I told him that there are so many pictures to choose from I don’t know how I’m going to pick one. He said that he would help me out.

So we start eliminating pictures. We got down to 33 pictures at one point. Let me tell you that would be over $600. I was not going there. So we put more up and we take more of the pictures out. So we narrow down a lot more and I chose the picture that I liked the most for the package.

Now he still has the pictures up. I said that all I want. That’s when MR ATTITUDE arrived on the scene. He said, “Well you won’t get the CD if you don’t chose at this point.”

I said, “That’s ok. I really can’t afford anymore.”

MR ATTITUDE says, “Well, let’s eliminate one more of each of them and see if that works.”

Now the package is $77.70. I still don’t want to spend that much. I truly only wanted the one picture. So I say, “I really only want the package deal.”

MR ATTITUDE starts deleting the other pictures. Now let me tell you his next comment hurt, he said, “We just deleted some really good pictures of your kids.”

It’s not that he said it. It's how he said it. It was almost nasty like I was doing a mortal sin. As a mother, the last thing I like is too not get pictures of my kids but I have to responsible to my family. I simply couldn’t afford it right now. You all know how much I love to take pictures of my kids so this was hard on me.

And then MR ATTITUDE begins again, “Will you be coming back during the holiday season?”

My response, “I probably will be after the season. I usually do every six months or so.”

MR ATTITUDE comes back with, “Well, you are only allowed to use this special package once during the season. And we do NOT make copies of the pictures that you are losing right now.”

By this point, I’m fuming. Power surge time.  Did my men-o-pause just go into over drive? I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way. I said, “That’s fine. I already have my Christmas pictures done.”

MR ATTITUDE responds, “If you go to the cashier, it will be $10.55 and the pictures will be ready for pick up in 10-15 minutes.”

So I go to the cashier, I pay for the pictures and then head off to Borders to wait for them to be ready. Kids and I spend some time at Borders reading books and drinking hot chocolate while we wait. I go back in to pick up the pictures. MR ATTITUDE meets me at the door with the pictures. He doesn’t say thank you or good bye. Just turned and walked away. I walk out to the car to check my pictures out. The receipt is in the envelope with the picture. It says, “I hope you enjoy your photo. Thanks”

Now I’m still fuming over this guy and I want to stomp back in there. I’m positive that I am not the only one that only gets the package. I realize that is the gimmick to get you in there but still. Now I’m asking you all for your honest opinion. Am I justified in my opinion or was I have a power surge momemt?

Even after all this has happened, I would still recommend Portrait Innovation just not MR ATTITUDE.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Sounds like a power surge sweetie. He was just an ass.

CountessLaurie said...

Hmmm ... yelling at me is certainly NOT going to make me spend more money... it's only going to harden my stance. I bet MR ATTITUDE doesn't make a lot of sales and probably won't be there next time you go.

What a jerk!

YouthfulTips said...

I'm glad to hear that you like their portraits! We have a new one ehere in Georgia and after my last experienc with The Picture People, I wanted someone else. The guy sounded like a real jerk .. you were justified.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

They really do have awesome pictures I can't complain about them. But this guy...grrr. Thanks so much for telling me I was justified everyone. I am so glad to have people to bounce things off.

kys said...

Yeah - he was a jerk. I had the same thing happen to me at Sears during Christmas one year. And I don't go back there anymore.

Helene said...

I had that happen to us once at Picture People and I was so mad. They made me feel like such a horrible person, like I was ripping them off. They shouldn't advertise the cheaper packages if they don't want to honor them!!

Buckeroomama said...

That's how many photography businesses here operate, too --get people in with a super great deal and count on the fact that most people will not be able to resist getting more photos once they see their kids' cute photos. I'm sure Mr. Attitude wanted the extra sales, but that definitely was NOT how he should have gone about it. He should've respected your decision and not be that obnoxious about the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

oh we love love love portrait innovations..

that jerk was an oddity i am sure..

Menopausal New Mom said...

Tami, I hate sitting in that chair to sort through the shots and select only a couple of what looks like a million poses. What they do here is actually print out extras and try to sell them to you when you come in to pick up what you did order. If you say, "No", they make sure to tell you that they will be tossing them in the trash. Yes, this is a dirty strategy some portrait studios use to pressure you to spend more and buy more pictures that you wanted. I mean really, who wants to see that extra photo of their smiling child ripped in half and chucked in the nearest trash can!

You were SO justified!

Noelle said...

wow...what a creep! i think you might want to call photo innovations and let them know mr. attitude had such a bad one!

Amy said...

That package is a good deal, but they really do it just to get you in the door. The one time we used them, we spent about $40 and didn't get the 6 free greeting cards (like we were supposed to).
I think you have every right to be upset with that idiot. I would've called management on him.