Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I was finally going to be able to really work again. I work at home. I was ready to commit myself to it full time. Since Jason came, I can't even work for an hour a day. I need to work to help support my family. We are in debt but I can't do anything. I am so frustrated and just don't understand the government. We can't adopt him for six months but the state pays nothing while we wait? They did not even give us time to the adjust to the fact that I can no longer work because he is here. They gave us no help financially at all. We don't even get daycare expenses. Although if we were just a foster family we would. It doesn't make sense at all. So we have lost my income which was substantial for someone who works from home. But its not worth it if I have to put a two children into daycare plus pay all the taxes that go with being self employed. Don't take me wrong..I love him to death but I simply can't afford not to work. Any ideas?