Monday, July 13, 2009

Crime in my Neighborhood

Ok, I have waited to post because I have been so angry about this. On Sunday night, I had my purse stolen out of my car. They got the jackpot as my husband says when they hit my car...they got my debit card, credit cards, check book, digital camera and then the personal stuff. Yes, I know I shouldn't have left it in the car let alone unlocked. But the thing was in my driveway. You have to have some gole to take it out of some one's driveway.

So here's the deal we found out:This crook was going up and down my street, the neighboring streets and the apartment complex up the street. Now, they rifled through my car, my neighbors car, my neighbors truck but the police department didn't think it was important enough to take fingerprints?? I know there had to be fingerprints in my car since they opened my glove box. There had to be fingerprints in my neighbors truck because they went through every thing. All this happened with people outside..some in their backyards with the fire going, some in their garages, and some just roaming around.

Now, I'm pretty sure I know who did it. They had a FOR RENT sign on their front yard on Sunday night. The little kid has been caught red handed in people's purses at a birthday party. There is an older boy there as well. Who just happened to be showing off digital cameras to his friends the day before. Which means it wasn't my digital camera that they stole. And he fits the general description of the culprit. Now all of this is subjectal since we can't prove it because we don't have fingerprints that the cops didn't take..grrrr. Did I mention that the FOR RENT sign is now gone? Guess they made enough for the mortgage this month.

Ok so thats the facts.. The parts that frustrate me the most is that I feel violated. I get in my car and I can't forget what they did. I no longer feel safe in my own neighborhood. I'm so angry that someone could do this to me. They took priceless pictures when they took my digital camera. They took away my peace. I'm so mad.

I still don't understand why the cops didn't dust for fingerprints. I'd better money that they would have been in the system.