Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids and Death

Ok so Faith and I had a little mishap today. We were goofing around on her bed. Faith leans forward and then all of a sudden she comes backward hitting the back of her head into my head. Later I would find out that I had one heck of a bruise from it. She literally knocked me out cold. I must have been out a good five to ten minutes. When I finally came too, I hear Faith telling Jason that, "Daddy is not going to be happy when he comes home and finds mommy dead." To which Jason says, "Let's jump on her and see if she moves." Faith's response is, "She isn't going to move dead people, don't move."

It was only a couple of seconds while I heard this conversation. I immediately let them know that I was awake. They hugged the stuffing out of me. Now this whole episode made me start thinking that they had absolutely no idea what to do in an emergency. First off, they had to have been terrified during it. It was after school so all of the kids were home and parents as well. They didn't go outside to get help which isn't good at all. They literally were waiting for my husband to come home because Faith thought she killed me. We have now talked about what to do if something ever happens. They seem to understand.