Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Difficult Day

Jason wants more attention tonight than usual. We just talked about me and Faith becoming his real family..his forever family. He started crying and wanted to know what he did so wrong that his original mommy and daddy didn't want him. As usual, I told him that he was a wonderful little boy and that he did nothing wrong. That his parents were ill. I hugged and cuddled him and told him that we would always love him no matter what. For the first time in a very long time, he pushed me away.. it almost broke my heart in two. He doesn't deserve to be hurting like this. How can someone his age even comprehend what he is going through? How can parents do this to their own children? I feel so helpless when I see what he feels. Its as plain as the nose on his face. I want to help him but at the same time I know he has to process it himself. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes just how very much we love him already. Faith told me that she can't imagine living without him in our lives. Quite frankly neither can I.