Friday, July 17, 2009

I really do love him

I really do love him. Jason is such a wonderful child but could someone please slow him down? I just simply don't know how to handle it. He never stops. Faith and he are the complete opposites. I was used to this little girl that was calm and peaceful. Now I have a 4 year old that doesn't stop. I mean HE DOESN'T STOP! He is running or getting into trouble all the time. I thought Faith's 2's were bad. I had no clue what 4's would be like with Jason. He has times where he gets so mad. Now he is starting to hit. We went to the mall today and he hit 3 little girls. I have no clue why. I made him apologize and then put him in the corner for a while. If you can call it that, I made him sit next to me and watch everyone else play. I didn't think it would be fair to make Faith leave since she didn't do anything wrong.Oh well, that helped get the frustration out of my head so I'll go run again after him.