Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Ok what part of recession didn't the goverment get? I've known we were in a recession for over a year now. What did they think was going to happen when we went to war? I don't really get on my high horse about government very much but this subject just ticks me off.

I go down the street and see house after house now that is empty because someone couldn't afford their house payment. My heart breaks for those families. I know how easily it would be for us all to be there. I think the government should wise up and stop sending our people over there. We need our money here in the United States not in other countries. So lets bring all of our troops home.. Let's take care of our homeless and economically strapped families. Lets take some money from the rich companies so that us middle class people can survive.

Stop giving our money away to companies that should be able to survive.. I didn't say car company but you know what I was thinking. Cars have gone up every year. Please don't tell me that the car companies can't afford to build them. Please don't tell me that the top executives can't afford to take a pay cut. We all know they can.

I think the people should take back the government. You know we keep electing a president every year but quite frankly..the president doesn't really make the decisions. The houses do. The people need to stand up and say..."We want better health care programs, less taxes...we want to be able to support our families. We want to keep our kids home from the wars. Keep our money in the United States and not out of it. Save flood victims. Save people losing their houses. Help those poor people on the street. Help the middle class that is now becoming the low class."