Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Woodwick(R) Candle Winner

Congratulations to Yonca from Yonca is Cooking.  Its seems funny that she won since the candles always make my mouth water and so do her recipes.

Thank you all for participating in this giveaway. 

I used the to pick the lucky person.

Congrats again to Yonca.  I will be emailing you this morning.

Note:  I found this great artwork at A Happy Hippy Mom.  Please check her out.



yonca said...

Tami you made my day! Thank you!!!
You know I love your blog. Who doesn't? Have a wonderful day!

Sophia's Mom said...

Congratulations Yonca!!! I'm so excited my friend Yonca won!

Noelle said...

congratulations to yonca. i'm very happy for her. now i guess i will have to buy a woodwick candle instead of winning one...but either way, i'm a winner, right? i get the smell the candle...

Brandy said...

That looks yummy! Congrats to the winner (And yes I know we can't eat it) LOL Happy Wednesday!