Saturday, August 1, 2009

I would move but for only one reason

Everyone has one of those neighbors that you can't stand to be around or for your kids to be around. The lady next door is a full time drunk. I know she doesn't take care of her kids and thats she is drunk all the time. I know that the kids don't get fed until like 10 p.m. I know that because the neighbors on the street tell me that the kids for begging again. Its not that they don't have the money for food. Its that she and her husband throw their money away on beer. I really feel sorry for her kids. I can't let my kids play with hers because they do things that make no sense to me. It points to such worse things. Like the daughter one day pulled her pants down because the boys up the street wouldn't play with her. The son is always trying to hug my 5 year old. I just can't take the chance that they would hurt my kids.

When she first moved in, she wasn't that bad or she was acting. Anyway, its been five year nows and its torture. The kids can't even walk out the door without them swarming us. The entire neighborhood knows how bad she is. They even have the standing joke when their garage goes up that "The bar is open". They've reported her to children services at least 4 times. The police have been here for domestic violence on them. You mention her to the police now and they are like she's a joke or something. They have a gun in that house and I have to place peace maker. She is just one of those loose cannons.

This Sunday I had this headache. I was like man it doesn't feel like a migraine but it wouldn't go away no matter what I took. And believe me I tried. Well I didn't go outside at all because of it. Now I think that its because she was burning her garbage in the backyard because she doesn't want to pay a $33 bill every 3 months for garbage disposal. Oh well off my drama box lol.