Saturday, August 22, 2009

Resurrecting The Boat

My husband has decided that the boat that we have had for over 9 years is going to go into the water on Sunday. He said he doesn't care what it takes but he is getting it ready to go. Now he has asked the neighbor across the street who owns a canoe to go with him so that if it doesn't float or it takes on water. Someone is there to rescue him. Do you think he is crazy?

Now he has painted it. In other words to make it look better. He spent $80 on back taxes since we never put it in the water we didn't pay them. Well we still have to pay them because it sits in the driveway gathering dust. We got a letter from the city last year that we needed to make an extension on the driveway. Now this extension was so that we could keep it behind the house. Other neighbors have their boats in their driveway. I feel so abused. But thats government.


reener said...

Someone (the crazy ass neighbor) called the town on you. If others have their boats in the driveway, then why all of a sudden you're being singled out. I'd rather see a boat in the driveway then tires lined up along side of it.

Mommy said...

LOL ME too! Me too, Reener so glad to see you.