Friday, August 14, 2009

Mom Can I Go Swimming

Apparently the child wants to swim in that green guck in the pool. Its so hot here lately that when the sun hits the pool its turns green. Am I going to allow Faith or Jason in that? No the answer is No. You are not going swimming. Ok, puts on the list for my husband to work on. That is not going to work at all. No green pool for the kid. Why does the sun affect water like that? Yesterday the water was fine. Today it has green algae in it. No the kids can't swim in that.
Ok so I know that my husband will tell me that he needs to put chemicals into it. Then he has to take a vacuum and clean the walls and the floor of the pool. We have some kind of chemical called Shock that he will use as well to put the chlorine back in the pool. He has to run the pump for a while to help circulate the water.
But the question still remains, the kids are still saying "Mom I want to go swimming."