Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is our wonderful puppy, Jasmine. She is eight months old now and weighs about 65 lbs. She is a Newfoundland which means that she will be a horse some day. We first were looking for a black lab to replace the one that recently we had to put down. We had to put him down because he bit our daughter, Faith.

I found Jasmine on the internet at a local "no-kill" shelter. She was just 8 weeks old. The kids and I feel in love with her instantly when we saw her. She was this bundle of fur. I wanted to bring her home right away. The shelter had strict rules though. She was not allowed to leave until she was 9 weeks old.  My husband and Lucky (the sheltie) had to see her too before we could get her.

The day that we went to get her. I remember them carrying her towards us. My husband says, "What is that a monkey?" All he could see was her belly and all this hair. They reminded us again how big she could get. But we were in love with her already.

She is the most friendly dog we have ever had. She is very much a people dog. She is my husband's dog. I tried but she wants him. And wants to be a lap dog too. He let her start and now look what he gets. grins