Thursday, August 20, 2009

Faith's New Hair Cut

Faith3 My little angels at the Hair Salon. Faith was upset about Jason not getting a hair cut. She hates hair cuts and the only way to get her one is to come to this salon called Kids Corral. I really don't understand how they get such good cuts but they do. Her hair is long right now. She keeps eating the one side so off it is going.

As you can see from this picture, Faith's front teeth are just now coming in. She has this toothy grin and I love that grin. The beginning of the cut. She is rocking on a horse. Faith is smiling as she watches cartoons, rides the pony and gets her hair cut.


Final shot. Doesn't she look wonderful? I still would love to know who the bright one was that came up with this type of salon. A salon that caters to kids. Its a wonderful solution. I bet they make tons of money.


marymac said...

awwwww! too cute! her hair looks adorable- but that toothless grin is the CUTEST THING EVER!! I have a 6 year old also named Faith! When she was in preschool my cell phone played George Michael's "Faith" when it was time to pick her up! ;)

reener said...

Kids with two front teeth missing crack me up! She's adorable! My mom used to get my hair cut just like that, too! Always hated it, but as a mom now, I understand why. So much easier to maintain.

Mommy said...

Hi Marymac. Awww you have a 6 year old Faith too. I love the name Faith but it truly fits her. Although since Jason got here, I noticed that the devil side is coming out. She has horns!! LOL :)

Hi Reener. Faith and I actually argued about her hair cut before we went. She didn't want it cut. I figure that if I have to maintain it. She won't even run a brush through her hair than its gonna be short. So much easier. :)