Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pantech Slate Review

Ok I bought this phone, the Pantech Slate. I can't stand this phone but that's my personal opinion. I do like the fact that it is slim enough to fit in my pocket. It is only .38 inch thick. I love the wider screen as well. The camera on it does not take good pictures. Every picture I took has lines across it. Although it does have a nice keyboard, my fingers are too big for it.

Now the video recorder is excellent if you are far away from the image. It is Bluetooth so that's a good thing.

Now when I tried to connect to the internet, I couldn't post to certain website. The dealer told me that was because the phone could not handle it. Defeated my whole purpose of having the phone.

I would not recommend this phone to someone that wants to use it for the internet. Although I would recommend it for a texting phone.


Amy said...

Thanks. I was interested in this phone, but now - not so much.

Mommy said...

Hi, Amy. I'm glad you got to see this. I was so incredibly frustrated with that phone. I took it back and got a different phone. The sales guy actually said that it was meant for 12-15 year olds. Its a purely texting phone. Which was not what I wanted at all. :)