Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogs I visited

I have visited some blogs for the last three days. If I haven't gotten to yours I will. I am just so amazed at all of your blogs. I learned so much and feel such an amateur right now. I set up my Facebook and connected to quite a few of you. I decided that I wanted to comment on some of them so that others might check your blog.

Ziggy's - Your blog has so much valuable information. I love the blog about Salvia Divinorium. I knew nothing about it. The blog is very colorful and attractive to the eye.

Simply Me - First off, the title on your blog takes my breath away "The Love of a Family Makes Life Beautiful". It is simply the reason for my existence, my family, so I loved that fact that you call it that. The contest for the cleaning is simply a great thing to post about. I really like it. I definitely understand not getting your husband to do the cleaning lol. But there is so much information on your site. I will be reading a lot more about it.

TicTacDough - What a wonderful product to have come up with. I wouldn't mind some TicTacDough for my kids. They love playdoh. I do have to keep them close on that though. I don't want to talk about where it has ended up. I love the stories you write about your kids. I love the dresses that you sell. I will be back often to your blog. I loved your layout so much so that I contacted your designer lol.

Military Wife Mayhem - I love the article about disclipine. I'm a softie myself so I was always wondering about others. I'm new at parenting so tips are always wonderful things. Lots and lots of good information on your blog. I like your sense of humor. I will be back often.

Mommy Is Rock And Roll - I love your sense of humor. You have tons of information on your site. I definitely connected to the no sleep issues. I tend to have that even today. Jason gets up like clockwork at 6:30 doesn't matter if I got to sleep the night before. I like the fact that you could talk about your fear of flying so openly. Great blog.

But Mama, I'm Hungry! - All I had to do was look at the header when I opened your page. I was hungry. And then reading the blog, I went off to cook lol. My kids adore the cookies and creams cupcakes. If you want a good recipe, check her site out.

La Dolce Vita - I love the jewelry that you sell and the Featured Reader section. There were lots of good reviews on your site. I will be back often to see more information.

Mom's Marbles - First off I love your title. I immediately pictures the marbles leaving my head. I love the movie information. Doing reviews on movies is a great idea. I know I will be back to check those out. I, also, liked the details about the zoo and how it can help keep the kids busy.

Moving on From the Drama - Lots of information on your site. I love the trip to the zoo. I particularly love the blog about being sued by your mother in law. I will be back lots to see more information.

Just a little bit of information on blogs that hold my interest. More to come.

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HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi thanks so much for visiting. I will look into it