Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today since its Sunday. My thoughts have turned to my blessings. I am so lucky to have what I have in my life. When I was 18 years old, I had to be rushed into the emergency room. That was the beginning of the endometrosis cycle that I call it that lead to my infertility. I was married to a wonderful man named Michael when I turned 18 years old. His life was very short but I was blessed to have known him. He taught me how important life really is. He never complained. He always asked people how they were. Never once telling them just how badly he felt. I learned unconditional love through him. He loved everyone and enjoyed his life. He taught me to value all of the special moments in life.

Then when I was 23 years old, I had my hysterectomy. I remember crying and thinking that I would never have any kids. If I had only known what today would hold. For the next 9 years, I dated off and on. Different people. Never really thought much of it. I mean why get married since I couldn't have kids. I mourned Michael during that time as well.

The fateful night came that I was at a friend's house when my future husband walked in. I thought he was fun. He was 11 years younger than me. And that meant he was going to be a playmate not a future for me. Well low and behold, I ended up married to him. Except not before we almost split right before the marriage. And he being a man and thinking it was over turned to a close friend of mine. Now I had practically helped raise her during the years with Michael so it was a shock to me. Well it was a one night thing so they both have told me.

So the wedding plans were back on. She calls him to tell him that she is pregnant and if he doesn't want the baby she will abort it. Well, my prayers were answered. How could I say no and there was no way that he could. We ended up with our daughter, Faith, 8 months after we got married. So here I am 38 years old and a brand new mommy to a brand new baby. We brought her home from the hospital. I still can't believe how that worked out.

I went through the process in the court system to make her legally mine. The process is called step-parent adoption. Basically, we had to have three lawyers. One to protect my rights, One to protect my husband's rights and one to protect her biological mom's rights. Then Faith had to have a GAL (Guardian Attorney Litem) basically someone to protect her rights as well. Someone has to speak to the welfare of the child as well. She became legally mine.

We were going along life just having fun when we found out that Faith's biological mom had another child, Jason. Jason was now in foster care which I found out by looking at Faith's biological aunt's Myspace. I can't believe that someone would put that on a Myspace but they did. Apparently, her mom gave him to his aunt when he was one month old. Her aunt had him until he was 2 1/2 years old. Thats when the court system stepped in and took him away from his aunt. Now he was in foster care. So we stepped up to begin the process of adopting him through foster care. I will talk about that later on.

Ok so now I have two wonderful children, Jason and Faith. They are biological half sister and brother. So they look alike. How lucky can I get. My husband and I are blessed.


Amy said...

what wonderful blessings

Mommy said...

Hi Amy. Thank you for stopping at my blog. I am so fortunate to have what I have. :)