Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy Neighbors

I live in a nice neighborhood but my next door neighbor has tires in the front of her yard for flower planters. Ok I know that there are tires in others yards but they are painted. These aren't painted. They are simply black tires that she puts plants into. I think I live next to the hillbilly jones.

This woman is the hardest person to live next too. Recently, I think she has stopped drinking from 10 am on. But I'm not sure because she has not been mad at me lately. When she is mad at you, she will scream at you. She has pulled down her shirt to show my husband her tits and then her pants. Yes we saw it all. Now the part that really made me mad was that Faith was standing right there when she did it. That is not something you should do in front of kids. I hope the peace continues because I can't stand it if it doesn't.


reener said...

Ah, yes, the annoying neighbor! Every neighborhood has one (or two!). The the only problem with developements...the houses are a tad close together. Try to ignore her if you can. If she gets REALLY obnoxious, call the cops.

Vanessa said...

Good greif! When we go look for a house I'm asking for the neighbour's records!

Mommy said...

Hi Reener & Vanessa. Thank you for visiting the blog. I do my level best to ignore her but she's pretty loud when she gets drunk. You know, when we moved here she didn't live here. Our cousins actually lived up the street. It was a good neighborhood. The kind that has block parties and always socializes. Then she came to town. Everyone avoids her. Its kinda sad. Oh well everyone has one neighbor that does it. Tami