Monday, August 17, 2009

For years I have used a number of different software programs to balance our money. Quicken, QuickBooks and a number of other financial programs have done the trick. However, I always felt it was difficult to truly know how much money we had. Then recently, one of our friends suggested I look at this great website that helps you get a clear picture of your money. is touted as “the Best FREE Way to Manage Your Money”. At first I was very skeptical, as this site basically has access to all of your personal banking, investment and credit card accounts, then gives you a dashboard of where you are spending and if you are within your budget. However, as I started to research it more, and saw the secure features, it became more and more apparent that this is an amazing tool to have. The other amazing parts about it is the way it suggests lower interest rate credit cards & banks accounts to help you lower your debt faster. Plus, of course it can notify you either by email or by iPhone about your current spending and charges posted on the account. has become a major asset in helping us get control of our current situation…check it out!