Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trip to Kmart - YIKES!!!

Ok so I go to Kmart to get school clothing. I made a major mistake which nearly broke my heart. I let Faith to to the bathroom by herself after checking the restroom to make sure that it was empty. I was looking at toddler's clothing which is right next to the hall that goes into the bathroom. I knew no one could get into that bathroom without me seeing them. I got distracted looking at sweat suits while she was in there.

When she came out, she went the other way. Even though, she knew where I was. I didn't see her coming out. I went to check on her. It couldn't have been five minutes. She wasn't in the bathroom. So I started to call her name. No answer. Then there is this public announcement security call. Now I'm freaking out so I head for the front of the store. Then the announcement comes on again. If you have lost your daughter who is 6 please come to layaway.

Well I didn't know where layaway was but I started looking. I finally get there. She is fine but a little shaken. I'm very fortunate. She actually had a store clerk come up to her because she looked scared. I asked her why she didn't come to me after coming out of the bathroom. She forgot where I was. She had to have walked right by me. But she's ok!!! Thank God! I would have died if something bad had happened. That I can assure you will not happen again.

Ok so I finish shopping and go to the checkout lane. There is one lane open and that one is in training. So I knew right off it was going to be a while. I wait like 10 minutes before the cashier finally gets to me. I write a check for the first time since my wallet was stolen. The cashier puts it in her machine and it’s refused!!!! Now I know there is money in there but they refused my check. They said that this new company called Certegy Check Services told them to deny my check. Now I know what Chex Systems is but this new company I had no clue of. I was so embarrassed. All these customers are staring at me while I look for my credit card which I didn't want to use.

So I get home and I call this CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES. They told me that it was a clerical error. I'm still ticked.