Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's Realization - Comments - Help

Well today was a shock for me. Since I started this blog, I have made it so technical. I have made everything harder than it has to be. I found a lot of tools though. But when I did I forgot the simplest of things that I could do which I have now caught up.

I so enjoy reading comments from my readers. Truthfully I am still amazed that anyone wants to read my blog. I simply am talking about things that happen in my life. As I said in a twitter post today, I sometimes wonder though if I'm in a reality comedy show and someone forgot to tell me. I have always had a great sense of humor. It seems to be coming out in my writings.

So my realization today was.. I could comment back to you in my posts lol. So if you commented on a post, I have now commented back.

I plan on visiting a lot of yours blogs this weekend as well. I haven't had time with school starting, Jason being tested (soon blog I forgot to type it lol), and everything else. But I will be this weekend so watch for my comments.