Monday, August 24, 2009

I feel so stupid, Mom

Faith begged me this morning to let her walk down to the bus stop by herself. She said, "Mom, the other kids do not have parents down there. Please don't go with me. Please I feel so stupid."

I wanted to tell her No with a resounding shout. But I have to appreciate that she asked me not to. I have to know that my baby girl is growing up. I keep remembering her as this little bitty baby and she's not anymore. So I let her go. Now she knows, even though, I didn't say it. I watched from the porch step. I couldn't not watch so many things happening to kids nowadays.

I went through so many feelings though. I was sad because she didn't call me mommy like usual. She sounded way to grown up in that demanding voice when she said Mom. I am proud because she is becoming her own person which makes me sad. I am happy that she actually asked for what she needed.


micki @ ADD housewife said...

good for you! I love hearing stories about parents letting their kids do stuff we did as kids :)

reener said...

You did good, you watched. It's hard to let go, but ya have to. You'd worry about her if she didn't show any independence. This is a healthy sign.

Mommy said...

Hi Micki and Reener. Thanks for visiting the blog. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. I so wanted to go down there. I took comfort in the fact that I could see her. But to have her tell me to stay behind. Awww its still hurts thinking about it. My baby is growing up. Tami