Monday, August 24, 2009

Picture of the Day - Tom Inquistive

Sometimes I wonder what cats are thinking. In this picture he is staring at me like he wants something. I don't know what he wants. Do cats think like we do? I wonder if he is thinking something like darn will that woman fill up my bowl or darn when will she pet me again. Do they wonder when we will feed them? Do they wonder where we go when we go out? When we will get back?


reener said...

I love pictures of cats! And I love adding captions to them! He's just standing thinking "is that food she's getting me???"

Mommy said...

Hello Reener, its so nice to see you here again. He might have been thinking that since I was near his food dish. I just love pictures of cats. He's pretty good at them as well. Always seems to be posing lol. Tami