Monday, September 14, 2009

5 Costumes for $5 Dollars Every Morning

I'm just like everyone else am now thinking about Halloween.  What oh what will my kids be this year?  Will they stop asking if tomorrow is Halloween?  Every day when they realize that Halloween is coming.  The treats are coming.  Candy is running free through the neighborhood.  The kids drive me insane with is tomorrow Halloween.  And the sighs when its not. 

I just found this site Moms Need to Know.  She is advertising about a company called  They sell 5 costumes for $5 Mon-Fri at 9 am CDT (that's 10 AM EST).  Its worth checking into.  Anything to save a few bucks.  See you there. 



Mommy Reporter said...

Thanks for sharing this!! What a great deal!! I agree, anything to save a few bucks...

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I agree. I am always trying to find a way to save. Costumes can cost if you can't sew. Glad to see you here.