Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awww She's Biting Me

We were sitting at dinner yesterday. Jasmine, the newfoundland dog, was sitting under the table as usual. We do not allow her to beg so she tries to get scraps from under the table. As I was to find out, Faith usually feeds them to her. Faith fed her the mushrooms off her plate yesterday. Do mushrooms hurt dogs? Anyone know? I don't.

So we are sitting there when I started goofing off. I was barefoot and so was my husband. I managed to reach over with my toes and snag his big toe. He got this really funny look and tried to pull his foot away. I held on. That's when he said, "Are you doing that?"

I said, "Yes."

He replied, "I thought Jasmine was nipping at my foot." It was the way that he said it but we all started laughing. Not him, of course.

But it got me to thinking about this new trait that Jasmine has. I'm not sure how to stop it. So I thought maybe someone else would. Jasmine is still a puppy. The problem is she is a huge puppy. She is 70 pounds. She is constantly grabbing for your hand with her mouth. Its almost like a kiss. I'm afraid of when she does it to visitors. They could think that she was trying to bite them. Any suggestions on how to stop that?


prerna said...

Hi Tami,
Really nice blog and great writing style.. I found you thru Twitter Moms.. I see you write for Hubpages as well.. How's it been over there??
All the best always

Tami said...

Hi Prerna,

Thanks I'm still amazed that anyone likes reading my blog. Welcome to the blog. So glad to see you here. Since I started Twitter, I haven't had that much time to do much of anything else. I think I bite off more than my leg. Yes, I write for Hubpages too. Honestly I haven't been able to do much there but I'm still new at it. I've seen alot of people do really well. Just have to put your time in and build your follower up. I haven't done that yet.

All the best always,