Monday, September 21, 2009

Disney Hannah Montana Rock Star Electric Guitar

The advertisement was:  Sing a favorite tune with pal Hannah Montana and this rockin' electric guitar.  It plays the songs "Who Said," "Best of Both Worlds," and "This is the Life."  Features light-up, realistic strumming strings, volume and echo controls, plus a sing-along microphone that amplifies your voice.  Requires 4 "AA" batteries, included.  Guitar measures 24" x 8.5".

My daughter wanted this guitar over everything she wanted for Christmas last year.  She decided to tell me at the last minute as well.  So I drove all over until I finally found it at Walmart for $39.99.  I bought it.  I was so excited because I got that perfect thing she wanted from Santa Claus.  I had no clue that it would turn out to be the worst gift of all.

My husband and I always keep one gift out for the end of the night at our house.  The purpose is to hold that one special gift for them.  Just in case something goes wrong during the day which does happen. 

The guitar itself is fantastic but not the headset.  The headset wouldn't fit her head or my son's head.  In fact it didn't appear to be able to fit anyone's head.  So I tested that theory out the next day on several children's heads.  None of them fit. 

The tunes that it was supposed to play were very poor quality.  We could barely understand the words.  They seem to be coming out of a styrofoam box.

If you don't care about the music or the headset, I would recommend purchasing the guitar.  If your child wants to really act like a rock star like the advertisement proclaims, this is not the purchase for you.  Don't waste your money.

Note:  This opinion is solely mine.



Tuesday Girl said...

good to know!

Tami said...

I started thinking about what I wanted to talk about. I remembered Faith's face when she got it and the look after we found it how bad it was. I wouldn't want another parent to go through that.

Just Breathe said...

Great advice. Did you write to them about it?

Flory said...

I hope it didn't ruin her x-mas. Thanks for the info.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Just Breathe - yes I wrote to them. I was so mad. They apologized and said it wasn't normal. Offered a credit for it. I had taken it back to Walmart by then. Faith picked out something new.

@Flory - I tried to take her attention off it with hot chocolate. She had so many toys. It is just that was the last one and she was so excited and then bummed at the end of the night.