Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommies aren't suppose to lie

I was sitting in watching television tonight when this commercial came on. Mommies aren't supposed to lie. It started me thinking about all the things mommies aren't suppose to do. Such as:

  • Mommies aren't suppose to get sick
  • Mommies aren't suppose to lie
  • Mommies aren't suppose to make mistakes
  • Mommies aren't suppose to be depressed
  • Mommies aren't suppose to get angry
And then of course there are the things that we are suppose to do or have. Such as:

  • Mommies are suppose to have strong stomachs
  • Mommies are suppose to cook all the meals
  • Mommies are suppose to say Yes to everything
  • Mommies are suppose to be happy
  • Mommies are suppose to be the back bone of the family
  • Mommies are supposed to organize all the family events.
  • Mommies are suppose to hug and love you
  • Mommies are suppose to make it all better
  • Mommies are suppose to think you are the greatest
There are so many other things that fit this description. Can you think of some that you have heard? But my thoughts are about this mommy:

  • Someone forgot to give me the handbook when my kids were born or adopted
  • I am not perfect
  • I make mistakes
  • I do get sick
  • I try not to lie but if something is meant to protect my child, I will to do so.
  • I do get angry. Though I do not abuse my kids.
  • I can not stand the sight of blood so I do not have a strong stomach.
  • Sometimes my dinners are store bought, come from a restaurant, etc. But my kids don’t go hungry.
  • I do not say Yes to everything
  • I’m not always the best backbone for the family.
  • I don’t organize events well.
  • I love my kids to death even when I think they are doing something wrong.
  • I hug my kids and love on them all the time.
  • I think my kids are the best but I, also, know they make mistakes too.
  • I support my kids in what they do.
Ok so I am not the typical mother.  I am not perfect but I do my best.  But truthfully in today's world, what is the typical mother? So what do you think the typical mother is?