Sunday, September 20, 2009

How spoiled are we today?

I just realized just how spoiled I am with my technology. Mind you, I have no clue how it all works. But I use it well. Today I was getting ready to post as I typically do in the afternoon on Sunday after all has quieted down. Well it didn't quiet down. In fact, I would stay that I heated up the entire house when I got upset. Two years ago while I was working, I invested in a wonderful laptop and left behind being tied down to the desktop. I love my laptop faithfully. I kept it cleaned. I took it every where. It became my friend. Today my faithful companion decided it didn't like me anymore. I didn't get a virus thank goodness. The laptop ac adapter that connects to the wall decided not to work anymore. Not only did the adapter decide not to work anymore, the batteries are no longer charged. I never knew that they could stop working. I learned something new the hard way.

So I called Dell thinking that my laptop was still under warranty. No such luck it expired two months ago. Now the adapter they say will cost me $94 plus shipping. Being the thrifty person that I try to be, I went to Amazon. Amazon had one for $39.99 plus shipping. It is the same exact adapter and brand new. Now that’s a good thing. I saved $54. Tip: Always look around before paying the top dollar when you don’t need to.

Back to the desktop I went. Now I neglected the desktop because only my husband or children used. I literally never touched the desktop once my friend came. This meant that I had to update everything on the desktop today as well. That took about 3 hours to do that. Everything was out of date. My husband says, "Well I told you I was having problems on it. I told you that you needed to fix it." That voice is the biggest non-technical person telling the other non-technical person to fix it. I never got around to it.

This little experience got me to thinking though. I started thinking about all the technology that we are all so used to. Thinking about how very spoiled I have become. How spoiled as a nation we have become as well. I remember growing up without computers. Yes, yes don’t cringe. It’s true. In fact, we didn’t really touch typewriters until I was in high school. Now kids are using computers in preschool or kindergarten. My daughter told me that she goes to the computer lab once a week to just do searches and play on the internet. She is in first grade. It used to be a luxury to have a computer. Now we not only have computers but we can use them almost anywhere. We can use them at stores, outside at the park, etc.

I started thinking about how we take for granted all of these luxuries. My grandparents used to live on what we call safe supplies. They lived in one house with their children. They were lucky to have a television in their house. Now we can watch television on the internet. They were lucky to have a telephone in their house. Now we have cell phones that not only can we make calls on anywhere but also take pictures, send text messages, or get on the internet. A lot of 10 year old kids have cell phone now so that they can let their parents know where they are.

If you had to give up two luxuries, what would they be and why? I would give up:

  1. Television in the house – I can view most of my shows on the internet. I’d be giving up cable at the same time.
  2. Telephone in the house – I have a cell phone which takes pictures and sends text messages.
So how about you what would you be willing to give up? Please leave your answer in the comments.


6 comments: said...

We really are so spoiled. I have no clue how I would function without my atm card and my IPhone!

I could do without TV also. Period. I'm a music girl

And I gave up our landline a year or so ago. It was silly to pay a bill for something that only telemarketers used.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Oh man...that's a tough question!! I guess I could give up my camera (boo hoo) because I can take pics on my cell. And, hmmmmmm, my hubby's iPod...does that count?? That way I wouldn't have to download the 8 bajillion songs he is continually having me download, and then I would have more time to blog!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I'd give up the TV, we don't even have cable! We use the TV to watch movies. Actually, our TV hasn't been turned on in over 4 months. We use the computer to watch movies! The phone could go as well. Guess we are the same! BUT...Never take my iphone away!

Amy said...

I am not sure what I would give up. Maybe eating too many sweets.

Tanya said...

I would give up TV. Which I've given up already.
Now the second thing probably would be radio.
I've given up that dinosaur ages ago, only because
they never play anything I like.

LZ said...

Though I love my iphone, I would be ok (after a serious withdrawal) without it, because I am on it way too much. Also, a home phone. I haven't had one in over 5 years and don't miss it at all.
Can't do without cable or TV. No way.