Friday, September 4, 2009

Frustrated at Banks

Faith came home yesterday with this packet of information from school. In it was a letter from a local bank offering a Minibank program for the duration of their school year. This program is a great way to teach children the importance and responsibility of saving for the future, while at the same time gaining experience of doing their own banking. They are encouraging kids to come up with their own reasons for saving money. Whether it is for Christmas gifts, a new bike, their first car, or college tuition or anything else. Now the bank will be set up on Wednesday of every week in the lunchroom for the children to come and deposit money.

Now my feelings about this:

  1. I believe in saving. Each of my kids has a piggy bank that they keep their money in. They have to spend it sometimes on things that I will not buy. They need to know that there are limits for what we will give them too.

  2. I believe the sooner that you get your kids saving the best off for them.

But what frustrates me is:

  1. I believe that we are in a recession so how many parents are going to be able to do this? I don't believe its fair to taxs the parents like this. My daughter knew what that paper was about when she got home.

  2. Now all the bullies of the school know when kids will have money. You think they won't pressure the little kids for their money?

  3. They said the program was during the school year so is it not free after school lets out?

  4. You realize that this is the elementary school that she is going too. I think its a great marketing tool though. I mean the school system let this go home with all the students. Lets see: there are 4 first grade classes of 28-30 so thats 120 kids just in first grade.

I know I know..silly things. I would love someone's elses opinion on this. Sometime I wonder if I am way off base.


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