Friday, September 18, 2009

Magical Moments for Tuesday

I’m so excited to officially launch Magical Moments for Tuesdays with HeartsMakeFamilies.  I've seen all these wonderful slogans:  Wordless Wednesdays, Time Out for Theta Mom, Tip Jar, etc.  The goal for Magical Moments is to talk about one thing during the week that was magical for you.  I mean that you were over the top about.  It could be a project you completed, something your child did, a grand new idea, something you saw, etc.  Something that was so magical that you have to tell us about it.  I know.  I know.  This is why we all have blogs.  But sometimes we just write about the negative things because we had a bad week.  So if we all write about a Magical Moment then we might uplift another blogger.  This is the very reason that I have this blog so that one day my children can see how I valued my life and the things that affected me.

My magical moment of last week was simply becoming a new aunt to a gorgeous baby girl, Gabrielle.  I wasn't there for it but it was still a magical moment when I was told via text.  It made me warm inside knowing there was one more angel on the earth.  The week before it was probably that my daughter feed my dogs without asking if she needed too.  Yes it was a miracle to me.  So you can see how different they can be. 

It is such a simple thing to write about.  I am simply asking you to share one of the golden moments of your lives with all of us.  To join us, on Tuesday post about your "Magical Moment" (add my button from the right side bar or link to me) and then be sure to stop here to link up and meet other Magical Moment Mommas to see what was their magical moment!

Now I am announcing it earlier so that we all have the weekend to think about it.  I think I am finally having a blast with my blog.  I'm finally feeling like this is mine.  That I can contribute to the world of blogging.  And I simply love it.

P.S. When I post it on Tuesday, I will have a mcklinky link for us all.



Amy said...

This is a neat idea. I hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

i am participating!!neat neat idea!

you are on my google reader

Just Breathe said...

How lucky your sister is. Congratulations on being an Aunt. I stopped over from Keeping Up With the Schutlz Family who mentioned us as new
followers. Wasn't that sweet of her. I may just join your Tuesday Magical Moments.

Debbie said...

I love your blog! It's so cute. I found you on Twitter Moms and just wanted to say 'hi'!

I like the idea of Magical Moments Tues, there are so many of those magical moments, sharing them will help anchor them in our memories!

My magical moment was when my son with Down Syndrome came up to me when I was getting frustrated with a project I was working on and said, "It's OK, you are doing the best you can".

I really love being a mom.

Tami said...

I'm so glad that you all like my Magical Moments. I look forward to reading all of your stories. See you all on Tuesday.

Justine said...

What a wonderful idea! I loved your 'Magical Moment.'
Let me think...I have to say that Friday, when my son did not cry at preschool and told his teacher "I'll come back next week!" was my 'Magical Moment' Sigh. Thank goodness it is getting easier for him.

Tami said...

@Debbie - that would have been a beautiful moment. I think those are the best when you can remember how much you love them and why.

@Justine - that would be a Magical Moment for me as well. Awww Jason goes to preschool eliminations starting on Tuesday. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time.

Future Mama said...

Stopping by from MBC Follow Me Club (even though I'm not a mom, so I hope they don't kick me out) to follow and say hello! You have an adorable blog :) I'm a Future Baby Makin' Machine, trying to prepare to become a mommy! Hope you'll share your wisdom with me!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Future Mama - I'm so glad to have you as a follower. Please feel free. The other thing is Magical Moments are for everyone whether you have kids now or not. Everyone has those special moments.

Lynette said...

What a nice idea to reflect on the magical moments in our weeks and lives. They are even nicer and more magical when shared, I think.
My magical moment of the weekend was somewhat indirect, but still so meaningful to me: my 15 year old daughter came home this evening from a babysitting job for a family she loves and babysits for regularly. She was breathless as she reported to me that the baby had just taken his first steps ever while she was there this evening. She realized how special and magical it was and felt so privileged, and for me it brought back all the memories of her just learning to walk - and now she is witnessing those magical first steps with a baby she loves!

Tami said...

Awww what a magical moment that was for you and especially for her. I'm so glad that she got to witness that.