Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Preschool for Jason

When Faith was 3 years old, she was accepted into the preschool program because of the "No Child Left Behind Law".  The preschool program was with the school system.  Even though, I was working for home my husband made to much money for her to be entered into the program for financial needs.  She was tested and found to have speech problems.  She was admitted into the program as soon as it started.  It was a very easy process.  She remained in the preschool program until she became a kindergartner at the age of 6. 

When Jason came to live with us last fall, I immediately took him to be tested to see if he could get into the same program.  They told me for a 3 year old he was at the appropriate levels in all areas.  In retrospect, I thought he was more advanced than he was.  He is very good at talking the part but not being able to do it.  I thought he knew his colors, his shapes and various other things.  He did not.  As the year went on, I realized just how much he had been able to fool us.  I learned that he did not know his colors and shapes.  I found out that he had social issues as well.  He likes to fight with little girls or anyone that is smaller than him.  I understand this to be normal in foster care situations.  They have been hurt in so many different ways that they can develop aggressive traits.  Jason has them except ironically with his 2 year old cousin.  I think they have the same mentality.

In April, he turned four years old.  I called the preschool program again to see if I could get him tested.  I was advised that he had to wait until September to start.  This fact meant that I would not be able to work for another 6 months.  I haven't really been able to work since he came into the house.  He is just way too active.

On August 24, we went in for testing for the preschool program.  The testing took about 3 hours.  They checked his hearing, his vision, language skills, cognitive skills, social skills, motor skills, and adaptive skills.  While he was testing, I was filling out this mountain of paperwork.  At the end of the 3 hours, I was told that he was accepted into a new program called "Response to Intervention". 

Last year, it was decided that the preschool system was claiming that too many children had disabilities.  So the government created this "Response to Intervention" clause to the preschool program.  He qualified for speech and social skills issues.  Jason will attend preschool for six weeks during the afternoon session.  He will not be provided speech therapy though.  Nothing that is official is allowed to happen.  I will provide transportation to and from the school.  Now they have lunch so I am driving Jason to school at 12:45 p.m. and picking him back up at 2:30 p.m.  That means he is there for 1 hour 45 minutes.

If he improves during the six weeks, he will be released from the program.  I can't see a speech problem disappearing without working with it.  If he doesn't improve, the teachers can decide to extend the Intervention program for six weeks or he can be tested again.  Now the same process happens after the next six weeks again.

I can understand that the government is saying that too many kids are being accepted into the preschool program.  But this is simply crazy.  There is no way a kid will improve in six weeks with a speech problem.  He has the same speech problem that his sister has.  According to the speech therapist that I am friends with at the school, she tested him for me.


Sophia's Mom said...

Great news that he was accepted. Not so great that you will have to go through this process again in 6 weeks. Our governement is seriously lacking in education!

You have a lovely blog.
I am now following you!

yonca said...

Great news!I'm glad he was accepted. He is so cute! Love the photo :)
Have a great evening!

Hearts Make Families said...

I'm so glad that he was accepted at least for this part.

Its nice to see you both and welcome to the blog, Sophia's Mom.

Have a great day!