Friday, September 11, 2009

Reality of Recession

Since Jason came into our house, I haven't been able to really work like I used to.  I still do a little recruiting here or there.  Its usually when he is sleeping which isn't much.  Jason wakes up at 6 am every morning.  No alarm clock for him.  It is his internal clock.  I can't focus the time that I need to on work to get things done.  I get so frustrated as I watch the bills stack up.  Its simply a fact of life that we need to deal with.

I've considered a lot of different options.  Such as going back to the brick n mortar work field.  I haven't worked outside the house for over 6 years.  Not since Faith got sick as a small child.  Doctors thought that she had cystic fibrosis.  Thank God she didn't.  I came home because she could not stay well in daycare.  She actually had a ear infection, hand, foot and mouth, and strep throat at one point and didn't act like she was sick.  She was used to being sick that much.  Her pain tolerance level was extremely high.

Until last year, I was recruiting from home.  Now I wasn't making that great of money but I was making enough to keep my family out of the red.  I can't do that with Jason.  He simply will not be quiet if I am on the phone.  Instant red alert to him "Mommy is on the phone I need her now."  So working at home hasn't worked.  I can't go outside the home to work.  It simply is not financially feasible.  That would cost us $1000 a month for both kids in daycare.  That does not include gas, money to eat, clothing expense, etc.  I haven't worked outside the house for six years so the type of job I am going to get would not make sense to do it.

You have to be certified in the state of Kentucky to provide daycare.  Now I could do that.  But I don't have the money for the classes or the daycare while.  Any suggestions?  I am starting to sell Avon virtually since I can't afford to buy the stock that is necessary.

Any suggestions would be great.