Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next Door Neighbor's 8 Year Daughter Flashes the Bus

All week I have tried to forget about this but to no avail.  Last month, Faith told me that "I feel so stupid, Mom."  She didn't want me to take her down to the bus stop because none of the other kids' mom was down there.  I felt awful because my little girl was growing up.  And yes, when it was raining.  I took the opportunity to walk her down to the bus stop.  They can't take umbrellas to school.

When I get down there, the kids can't wait to tell me what my 8 year old neighbor's daughter, Kayla, did on the bus on Tuesday.  It still makes me cringe.  This little 8 year old girl flashed the entire bus.  At first, Kayla denied that she did it.  She said all that she showed was her stomach.  But the kids kept telling me that she had shown all of her.  They saw her bra.  She denied it until this little boy.  I'm guessing he was about 9 years old turned beat red and said, "Kayla, you were wearing a purple bra with some kind of white design on it."  Kayla said she wasn't.  But in a few minutes, she admitted she was wearing a purple bra but it was a Brat bra.  I would say about 9 kids told me the same story so finally Kayla admitted it was true.  She said that she not only mooned the whole bus.  She, also, mooned the kids when she got off the bus. 

I explained to her that was not appropriate for a little girl her age.  She told me that her parents knew about it and didn't mind.  I believe her.  I believe that she told them.  Two years ago when she was just a kindergartner, she beat some kid up on the bus.  Her drunken mother (my wonderful redneck neighbor) bragged about it all over town.  My heart just goes out for this child.  Children Services has been called several times but her parents know how to fool the system.  Nothing ever comes from it. 

The neighbors told me.  "Well like mother like daughter."  Since it is a well known fact that her mother mooned my husband.  Not only did she show him her butt by bending over.  We saw everything.  I mean everything that a woman has.  She, also, pulled down her shirt to show us the front side.  For more information about them, please read I would move but only for one reason

I've tried everything to help these kids.  The neighborhood has as well.  I can't let my kids play with their kids.  I'm worried about what will happen to my kids or what they will learn to early.  Would you let your kids play with them?   How far would you go to protect your child?



Sandi said...

my daughters would NOT be playing with them. I try not to have hard feelings toward the child that is acting up because it is the parent's responsibility but you need to protect your children and their innocence. I would make complaints. I would keep making them and get others to do the same until something was done about it. She cannot go around flashing people on a bus. What happens when someone takes out their cell phone, snaps a pic, sends it to people and it's everywhere. I could go on with legal consequences for having such a picture. I cannot understand why a child so young would even know about flashing or mooning. My girls wouldn't even think of something like that.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Sandi - I work really hard at keeping my kids away from them. This isn't the first time that she has done something like this. She had pulled down her pants on another occasion. She said because the boys weren't paying attention. We keep reporting it but nothing happens. I'm afraid to let them near my kids. Its so bad that the neighbors hold off sending their kids to the bus stop until it is right there. One neighbor even takes her kid to school instead of him riding the bus.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

First, an 8 year old wears a bra?? Second, that is appalling. One that she does what can for attention because she is not getting it at home and two that she has parents that don't give her what she needs and they don't care. It makes me sad and angry.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Lee the Hot Flash Queen - it is appalling. I was talking with the neighbor up the street. We simply wish someone could do something about it. We call all the time on her. The police have been there for domestic abuse. When we call they just make a comment like oh its her again. Those two kids are so misfortunate. It makes me sad and soooo angry.

Thena said...

No my kids would definetly not play with them. But I would sit my kids down and explain to them why. It's sad that kids have to suffer because of irresponsible adults.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Thena - I don't let them play with them. But they still don't seem to understand. No matter how I tell them. Its really sad that their parents are like that.