Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Faith's Pre-Birthday Party

Well I mentioned that we had this pre-birthday party so that my husband would get to share in it.  I never realized how very hard or much I would miss him while we were gone.  We set up the webcam so that we could see each other while we were gone.  I literally had only spent three nights away from him since 1998.

So this post is about him and for him.  Will he read it?  No.  He is so non-technical.  It is not funny.  But I want to write down how I felt while I was away.

Dearest Kenny,

You are the love of my life.  I never realized just how much I would miss you while we were gone.  I, also, never realized just how much you are able to talk me down when I'm angry.  Did you know that you were the other side to me?  We both know that I am not the typical mommy.  I'm not the perfect housewife.  I'm not the easiest person to get along with.  I don't worry about the kids being dressed perfect.  For goodness sakes they are kids remember?  Some people tend to forget that.  I hate to clean.  I gather junk.  Ok well its good stuff but to you its junk.  I hate laundry.  I hate being diplomatic.  That is your job.  We truly are the opposite.  I'm not that outgoing.  In fact sometimes I would rather just go live in my cave.  Then there are the times where I just want to be the center of attention.  That doesn't happen often.  You like being the center of attention.  You like saying whatever is on your mind no matter what it is.  And let me tell you I know that has gotten us into all kinds of trouble.

I was so irritated when you couldn't get the webcam to work after I had taken so long to set it up before I left.  I had explained it step by step.  Who knows what you did wrong.  I sure don't.  It worked for me as soon as I got home.  I was irritated not because you couldn't get it to work but because I needed to see your loving face.  I needed to see what I was missing.  And the kids did as well.

I slept with the kids most nights with them on either side of me.  Let me tell you that was so uncomfortable.  Jason squirms more than anyone I know and then Faith wants her butt touching something so she was always pushing into me.  Now the flip side to this is... I missed sleeping with you so it made it easier for me. 

I missed the littlest things like... You touching my hip to let me know you are by me.  Kissing.  Whispering together when the kids are acting up.  Having someone to bounce things back and forth when we want.  Spending time after the kids go to bed.

I truly love you.




Andrea said...

Very sweet post!

Happy Birthday, Faith!

Blessings, andrea

Just Breathe said...

How sweet of you. (I thought all men were great with computers)

Happy Birthday Faith!

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@Andrea - Thanks. Sometimes I need to be mushy lol.

@Just Breathe - Mine hasn't got a clue about computers lol.