Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Perry Georgia

The first night we arrived in Perry Georgia.  We stayed at the Rodeway Inn right off I-75.  It was quite a nice hotel.  It was $44.99 which mom and I split.  The beds were really soft.  They had a free continental breakfast.  Here are a few pictures that I took:

This is where we had our breakfast.  I made waffles for everyone.  Jason was a mess when we were done eating.  Go figure I gave him the stickiest thing.  But I figured it was the most fulfilling as well.

This is the outside of the hotel.  It was a really nice one.

Here are the kids pretending to have fun at the cafe table outside.
As you can see by their faces, they were not having much fun.  They wanted to get on the road.

So here is the four of us just before we left for Florida.  6 hours 31 minutes to go and I get to see my sister.

This is the clerk that helped us sign out.  Now I found out that my mom told her about the blog.  Only thing is she told her the name of my blog was FamiliesMakeHearts so I doubt she finds me.  We were way down the road when she told me that.