Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home and Exhausted

Just letting you all know that I'm home just exhausted.  Why is it that vacation always makes you tired?  Driving 16 hours with two kids screaming and arguing in the back seat has made me so tired.  And then to top it off, Faith's birthday party was last night.  I had to clean the house top to bottom and do the last minute grocery shopping that my husband promised to do.

Now if you are having a large party of any kind I do recommend that you either go to Sam's Club or GFS.  I picked up my paperware at Sam's Club.  I picked up all my yummy treats like meatballs, snacks, etc from GFS (Gordon Food Service).  GFS had all of my stuff ready when I walked in the door.  What a great blessing!

I, also, got to go to my favorite store, The Party Source, for balloons and decorations.  Now my husband said I spent way too much money on the birthday party.  I don't think you can spend too much on your daughter's 7th birthday or any birthday after or before it.  She was so excited and that's what life is about.  My baby was happy.

I'll be writing lots this week but I'm going to regroup for the night.  Lots of pictures to share as well.



blueviolet said...

Welcome home!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Welcome back! I know, I always need a vacation from my vacation when the kids go!

CityGirl GoneCountry said...

Glad you made it home safely:) Can't wait to see your pics...Goodnight!

kys said...

Glad you're home. There will be something for you on my blog when the next post goes up.

Thena said...

Not to mention the laundry after the vacation. Whew!! Happy ya'll had fun.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

@blueviolet - Thanks so much

@Lee the Hot Flash Queen - Thanks sweetie. I'm so glad to be back. Oh do I know that feeling. Can I go again?

@CityGirl GoneCountry - Thanks sweetie. I have lots of pictures to come.

@kys - Thank you. I will check it first thing.

@Thena - oh no she said laundry. I don't wanna think about laundry.

Amy said...

That makes me tired.