Thursday, October 22, 2009

Late but Still Thursday - Time Out

It is official, Borders is the best store in town.  Not only can I get my awesome Cafe Mocha but now they have free WIFI.  You all know that I love my coffee.  I snuck out of the house tonight to get my "me" time.  I'm joining Heather at Theta Mom's for Time Out for Theta Mom's.  I need this time but to find out that I can write the blog at the same time.  Oh boy it's a double whammy.  Wait.  Wait does that mean I'm cheating?  I love to write so I don't think so.  I think what I'm going to do is actually write about what I'm seeing.

There is an older couple sitting next to me in the chairs.  He has a biker jacket on and t-shirt.  His wife (I'm assuming but I think it's a good guess) is dressed nicely but you can tell they are together.  He's talking to his grandchild on the phone.  No, I didn't talk to them other than to say Hi.  They and I are here a lot.  They are a cute couple and make me hope that I am like them some day.  They are casually holding hands.  I want to be that old couple walking hand and hand down the street.  I want that so very much.

My grandparents were wonderful together.  He passed away when I was 17 years old.  I still to this day miss him dreadfully.  But not as much as my grandmother does.  She has never dated since he passed away.  Of course, the family has tried to get her to date but to no avail.  She always says, "I had the best.  I can't do any better so I'd rather not do."  It is really hard to argue with that logic.  They were the reason that I believed in marriage.  If I had to base it off, my parents I would never have gotten married.  By the way, they finally got divorced when they turned 60 years old after being apart for 10 years.

So that was a lovely thought that came from coming out for my "me" time.  Now let's see, there is a book by Sherrilyn Kenyon called "Night Pleasures".  Ok, close your eyes if you don't want to see this.  I think that type of book is to tempt us mommies.  When do I have time for night pleasures now?  Night pleasures don't mean the same thing as when I was not a mommy.  Night pleasures are sleep.  That is pleasure alone... Sleep.  Ok and coffee if it's not bedtime yet.

This table behind me is talking about wedding plans.  All I can think is don't waste your money.  We spent over $10,000 on our wedding.  If I had to do it today, we would have just gone to the justice of peace.  I did that with the first wedding though.  This was my husband's first wedding and my second so I wanted him to have what he wanted.  I know his family would have killed us if we hadn't had that big catholic wedding.  In this picture is my prince charming.  We had the fairy dream wedding.  Especially since his dad was so ill.  I miss his dad so dearly. 

When I met Kenny, I met this family that was so beautiful.  They were a real family.  They spent time together.  They ate together.  They joked together.  We played cards once a week if not more together.  I learned how to play euchre from his dad.  I went from this dysfunctional family to this huge family that loved each other.  That shared their lives together.  After his father past away, the family started to slip apart as well.  Ken's mother, who was an incredibly strong woman when I met her, just fell to the wayside.  I miss that woman.  I miss joking with her as much as I miss his father.  I know she loved him dearly.  It sad to see what has become of her.

Funny I never dreamed this post was going to go here at all.  I had sad memories.  Good thoughts.  Good coffee.  Good memories.  All in this short amount of "me time". 

Please stop over at Thetamom's and see who else participated.



Theta Mom said...

What a reflective post! Awesome! Good coffee and some good writing makes for a good time out to me! It's amazing what conversations you hear and how they trigger a memory to your own life, right? Thanks for linking and sharing!

kys said...

Coffee, wifi, and books? Who could ask for anything more? Glad you enjoyed your time.

prerna said...

Oh.. That is so touching.. Going down memory lane is a wonderful way to reflect and introspect and plan.. Am so glad I came by today!! Blessings..

yonca said...

Good thoughts + good coffee= definitely a great time out! Beautiful post!

Helene said...

Seriously? I had no idea Borders offers free Wi-Fi now. You mean I can get my caramel mocha fix, read trashy gossip magazines AND catch up on my e-mail all at the same time??? That gives me extra incentive to find a way to sneak out of the house sometime this weekend!

This was a beautifully written's amazing how sometimes seeing strangers makes us think of memories from our past. I'd tell that couple also not to waste their money....use the $10,000 for a down payment on a house!!!

One Chic Mommy said...

Sounds like a great Theta mom time-out! I had no idea Borders wifi was free, looks like I have a new hang out.

Great post, Happy Thursday!

Just Breathe said...

Good for you doing your time out! I agree with the wedding, the day you wait for is over in an instant but there is no way you can explain that to an anxious bride!

Anne said...

I love Borders but I had no idea that they had WiFi. That makes it even better.

What a beautifully written post about loved ones that you miss. I agree about the wedding. There are so many better uses for the money. At the time it seemed important.