Monday, October 26, 2009

What happened to Sunday?

Well I planned to do the Sunday Stealing this week but some how Sunday came and went.  I don't know where the day went so I'm doing my Sunday Stealing on Monday.  I'm feeling a little under the weather and sitting in bed typing this.

1. What is your favorite written work of horror fiction?
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

2. What is your favorite work of science fiction/fantasy?


3. Who is your favorite monster?

Freddy Krueger

4. What is your favorite Horror movie?

I know what you did last night

5. What horror movie gives you the most chills?


6. What character from any horror film would you most like to play?

LOL Does Casper count?

7. Freddy or Jason?


8. What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Popcorn balls

9. Ghosts or goblins?


10. Friendly-faced jack-o'-lantern or scary one?

I like friendly ones.

11. What is your scariest encounter with the paranormal?

Smelling my husbands cologne after he died of that was comforting.

12. Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Yes.  I believe them because there are too many stories out there not to believe some are true.

13. Would you rather be a zombie, alien, or psycho?

Alien..I'd like to really have the attachments that my kids think I have sometimes.

14. Favorite Halloween costume?

Tampon lol

15. Best thing about Halloween?

Watching the kids have fun

16. Person in your family who most likes Halloween (not counting yourself)?


17. Are you superstitious?

A little.  Aren't you?

18. Share an unusual Halloween story.

My daughter was five years old trick or treating.  She walked past the scary man that jumped out at her and didn't say a word.  But the guy from the grave that was throwing parachute guys (you know the plastic ones) scared her senseless.  Not the guy in the grave but the parachute guys scared her.

19. What did you do for Halloween as a kid?

Trick or treat a lot.  Scare my brothers every chance I got.

20. What's the best Halloween party that you've attended?

Jaycee's party in 1993 where we volunteer and put on a party for a bunch of fifth graders in an underpriviledged area.

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Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I know!! I didn't get around to doing it either!! Love your answers, though!

yonca said...

Great answers! I agree..watching the kids have fun is the best part of Halloween.

Amy said...

Great answers. I do not like the scary stuff from Halloween. I love Casper, and pumpkins and cute things.

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better, soon.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

kys said...

A tampon! LOL!!

I hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather as well.

blueviolet said...

I tend to like the friendly faces too!

You dressed up as a tampon? That's hilarious!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Man, these things scare me. Hey- thanks for the award! Between my boys and I, we have been sick as dogs around here and I have NOT read any blogs lately. I am so far behind. And super sick. This bites!.

Buckeroomama said...

Do come on over and pick up a couple of awards. :)

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Tampon where was your camera for that one? LOL

Oh man now I want a popcorn ball! You're killing me :)